Light Select

50 Lamps

Glass Facial System

4 Facials

Beauty Booster Hyper Red

70 Beauty Booster

X-tra Tan

2 high pressure shoulder tanner

P9 Series

It all starts with a dream

Solarium design in the footsteps of the iconic Porsche 911.
Impressive technology and breathtaking design in perfect symbiosis. People all over the world are fascinated by the myth that is Porsche. Therefore, it was our dream to collaborate with Studio F. A. Porsche on an ambitious project of a new solarium design. To bring form and functionality together in perfect harmony.

This dream has now come true: With the P9 series, KBL presents a world first in close  collaboration with Studio F. A. Porsche that sets new  design standards for solariums. The P9 combines a unique design with outstanding technical performance. Innovation that captivates customers. And at the same time, an homage to what energises and inspires us all: the sun.

P9 Features


Mega Voice

Matrix Lightshow

Wireless Charging

Intelligent Control System

Glass Facial System

Beauty Booster HyperRed

X-tra Tan

Air Condition

Aqua Cool


Sound System