Megasun T230w Pure Energy

High Pressure vertical Tanning unit features include: Megavoice, Air Conditioning, Aqua Cool, Music Vibration, Vibra Nano - £1.35 per min or £66 for 1 Hour course

Megasun Vibra Nano

We have also added the new Megasun Vibra Nano to this bed which is optional to use and free. Vibration training with Vibra Nano is easy and effortless.

Megasun Vibra Nano (Optional to use on T230). The perfect combination of tanning and fitness:

  • Muscle training
  • Body shaping
  • Feel healthy
  • Increase Strength & Muscle Tone
  • Improve circulation / Improve Core Stability
  • Burn Fat / Reduce Cellulite

Megasun P9

Designed to fascinate: With the Matrix Lightshow, the P9 sets new design standards. And convinces with features that leave nothing to be desired. For an unforgettable solarium experience. - £1 per min or £52 for 1 hour course

Megasun Pure Energy 5.0

Low pressure vertical tanning unit, powerful as never before!

Features include:

  • Megavoice
  • Air Conditioning
  • AquaCool
  • Music Vibration /Sound system
  • Bluetooth
  • 75p per min or £45 for 1 Hour course

Megasun 6800

The ultimate low pressure laydown tanning experience Features include:

  • Megavoice
  • Pure air intelligent cooling
  • Air conditioning
  • Aqua cool
  • Aroma
  • 75p per min or £45 for 1 Hour course

Features and their meanings

MEGAVOICE: A Pleasant voice helps the customer to operate the menu of the tanning bed easily and quickly. Thus it is impossible to make mistakes and ensures the customer feels comfortable, even until the voice says goodbye.

AIR CONDITIONING: The high performance air-con system ensures a pleasant cooling during the tanning session.

AQUA COOL: This feature produces a drip-free fine water spray by 2 special jets – refreshing and revitalizing at the same time.

PURE AIR INTELLIGENT COOLING: All round ventilation including four separate air supplies ensures an incomparable fresh kick.

AROMA: Thanks to this optional feature, air can be flavoured during the tanning session which helps to relax, refresh and revitalize during the tanning session.

MUSIC VIBRATION: makes you feel vibration of the music. This feature creates sound, making large surfaces vibrate as a membrane. Thus the sound is distributed more homogeneously in the tanning tunnel and becomes a perfect sound experience: Feel the music !

BLUETOOTH: Listen to your favourite music from your own smartphone during the tanning session.